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About Thinglist:

Thinglist is a super-simple iOS app for remembering things in your personal life. For example, when you hear about a good book or restaurant, where do you write it down? Thinglist is a pretty, no-frills way to save these things.

Each thing gets a category. When you're ready to find something, you can filter by category. The app has really nice animation for this.

There are plenty of “to-do” apps out there. Thinglist is a want to-do app. Use it for all those great things you come across in your personal life that you‘d like to remember later.

Version 1.0 was released in February, 2013, and version 1.1 was released on May 8th, 2013.

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The Verge: Never forget with Thinglist

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About USSP:

US Software Professionals Inc. is an IT Solution provider. We have a rich experience in providing extensive IT services across various industries and clients. Thinglist is our first foray into driect to consumer nobile app market.

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